When you can’t keep your eyes off the sky: What to watch for with solar eclipse glasses

The sun is heading into its most powerful solar eclipse since the last one in September 2018.

The sun will set on August 21.

You can watch it in the northern hemisphere with solar filters.

For the southern hemisphere, you need glasses that block ultraviolet light.

The eclipse is expected to last from about 9:30 a.m.

EDT to 4:30 p.m., with a peak near the end of the eclipse.

The eclipse will be visible to the naked eye, but the best viewing will be on a clear sky with clear, moonless skies.

It will be easy to miss the sun as the moon sets, so you may want to bring a solar filter and sunscreen with you.

The first thing to consider is what you will be watching.

If you plan on watching the eclipse from the east coast, watch for the sun to rise on August 22.

The sun will start to set on the west coast at 6:30:15 p.p.M.

EDT, when the moon will be in full phase and begin to cast shadow on the moon.

The moon will also begin to rise about three hours later.

You should also avoid the sun’s shadow as it rises, as it will be difficult to see it.

If, however, you plan to watch the eclipse with the sun in your backyard, you should plan to see the sun rise at least 30 minutes earlier, as the sun will begin to set about 30 minutes later.

A good eclipse watch is one that is not too bright, or too dark, for the light to be visible, and one that has a filter that blocks the sun from reflecting sunlight onto the eye.

If you plan a viewing in the middle of the night, be sure to get your glasses on when you go outside, as light from the sun is much weaker than it is during the day.

The best time to watch a solar eclipse is from about 4 p.t. to about 6 p.s.m.; when the sun reaches totality, you will have less time to catch the sun before the eclipse ends.

The best viewing times for the eclipse will depend on how bright and dark the sky is, and how long you can stand the darkness.

For those looking to view the eclipse in the shade, the best time is from 6 p