What’s the new color palette for the Fox News Channel?

“What’s the color scheme for the new Fox News channel?”

“It’s a blue color scheme.”

“It’s really, really blue.”

“I’m not a color enthusiast, but I am a color fanatic.

So I like the color palette.

And I like blue.”

That’s according to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Kelly is a huge color-skeptic.

She tweeted out an image of a blue-red palette.

Kelly is not the only one.

On Friday, CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted out a picture of a new, orange-red color scheme.

Tapper also took a screenshot of a screenshot, showing that the new channel’s colors are different from those of Fox News’ older channel, the Fox Business Network.

Kelly tweeted out the image, saying: “I’ve been using a lot of orange-raspberry colors lately.”