‘Viral’ lenses help save millions of lives

A few weeks ago, the United States lost a major battle against the spread of the coronavirus.

That battle was won in the face of a global pandemic, but there’s a new battle looming, one that could ultimately end up costing millions of people their lives.

In the first few days after the pandemic began, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that about 5.5 million Americans had died from the coronivirus.

That’s an astonishing number, but not one that comes as a surprise.

In recent years, the number of Americans infected with the virus has fallen from a high of more than 9 million in 2014 to less than 400,000 today.

But the number continues to grow, reaching nearly 11 million in 2017.

That number is still far too high, and there are still more than 2 million Americans who remain at risk.

So far, it has cost the U