The Verge: The world’s first ultra-violet-resistant shoe can make your feet shine colorless in minutes

A pair of high-performance ultra-Violet-Resistant shoes from a pair of super-colorful ultra-lightened shoes from Owl City has won a prestigious Design Award at the prestigious Design Institute of Design in Los Angeles, California.

The shoes are called the Ultraviolet Shine and are made with the super-ultraviolet-resistant UV-40.

Owl City is a brand of Owl Design, and the shoes were created with a unique formula that allows the shoes to be worn at night or at any time of the day.

Owl design also uses ultra-luminescent technology to ensure that the shoes can’t be easily destroyed in the heat of the sun.

“Ultraviolet Shine is a revolutionary and innovative product for the consumer that uses ultra high-energy UV-B light to produce a permanent, long-lasting color change on the skin, reducing the chance of skin cancer and improving the appearance of our skin,” said Owl CEO and founder John Lee.

The Owl Ultra-Vibration Shoes are available in both white and dark red, which Owl designers say gives them a unique and distinctive look.

The company is currently working on the third iteration of the shoes, which will be available in late 2018.