What is the UV light that can kill you?

FLIP KNIFE UV FLASH LIGHT WHAT IS THE UV FLATIE KNIFE?The Flippy Knife is a simple yet extremely effective ultraviolet light source.Its unique design is made to use UV light to make contact with your skin.You will feel a slight burn as your skin is exposed to the light, but […]

Amazon unveils new UV-filtering product Amazon is making a big push into ultraviolet light. The company says its new Ultraviolet-Filter is made with “ultraviolet-safe” materials that absorb UV rays, including ultraviolet light from the sun. The new product comes with an array of filters and is available now at select retailers.

Amazon Ultraviolet Filter Amazon has unveiled a new UV filter that can be used to filter out UV light from an Amazon Echo device, which has been criticized for its low-energy solar power.The product is named the Ultraviolet Light Amazon (UWA) UV-Filter.It uses a patented UV-reactive material that absorbs UV […]