The Verge: The world’s first ultra-violet-resistant shoe can make your feet shine colorless in minutes

A pair of high-performance ultra-Violet-Resistant shoes from a pair of super-colorful ultra-lightened shoes from Owl City has won a prestigious Design Award at the prestigious Design Institute of Design in Los Angeles, California.The shoes are called the Ultraviolet Shine and are made with the super-ultraviolet-resistant UV-40.Owl City is a brand […]

What is a ‘Ultraviolet Bulb’?

Posted October 01, 2018 08:18:37 What is an “ultraviolet bulb” and how does it differ from a traditional fluorescent bulb?Ultraviolet light is the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum.The light is energy that is not absorbed by the material but instead bounces off of the surface of a glass or […]

How to get a UV filter in your home

U.S. senators are pushing for legislation that would make it easier for people to protect themselves from UV rays by using a UV lamp.Senator Maria Cantwell, a Democrat from Washington state, introduced legislation on Tuesday that would allow people to purchase a UV-blocking UV-protection device, which is essentially a UV […]