Ultraviolet telescope to launch in 2018

Ultraviolet telescopes have long been a staple in the science and technology community, and now, a team of researchers has developed a new UV telescope that promises to make them even more useful.┬áThe new telescope, which is based on a prototype that was recently unveiled at the Optical Society’s annual […]

How to design a new ultra-violet keycap for Windows 8

Microsoft’s next major update to Windows 8 will include the ability to set your computer to glow in the dark.The company has already begun working on the first-ever light-up keyboard, which it hopes to launch sometime this year.The idea for the new keyboard came to Microsoft’s design chief, John D’Ambrosio, […]

How to get the best keycaps for your laptop or tablet

You probably know that you can get the highest quality keycaps in a few different ways.Some keyboards are built around special shapes or other unique features, and some keyboards feature special, low-cost hardware that lets you tweak keycaps on the fly.But for the past few years, keyboards with the most […]