How to make UV glasses without a prescription

The science of how to use UV glasses doesn’t require a prescription.They’re a cheap, portable solution that can help your eyes stay protected for longer, while still staying comfortable.Here are our top tips to getting started.What you need to know about ultraviolet glasses: UV glasses can reduce your risk of […]

How to Create a Better Ultraviolet Glasses

How to create better ultraviolet glasses for you and your friends.¬†The Ultraviolet Corps Ultraviolet Light Glue is a fun and creative way to use UV-blocking lenses in your everyday life.¬†Ultraviolet light is a wavelength of light that is invisible to the human eye.It is emitted by the sun when sunlight […]

‘Viral’ lenses help save millions of lives

A few weeks ago, the United States lost a major battle against the spread of the coronavirus.That battle was won in the face of a global pandemic, but there’s a new battle looming, one that could ultimately end up costing millions of people their lives.In the first few days after […]

Why do people need UV glasses?

We’re all familiar with UVB, the short-wavelength, high-intensity visible light.But the long-waight wavelengths are even longer.That’s because light is affected by our skin’s pigmentation, and UVB causes changes to the skin’s colour.UVB also irritates the eyes, making them more susceptible to cataracts.It’s not always visible to the naked eye, but […]

Apple Watch vs. Google Glass: Which is better?

The new Apple Watch is arguably the best-looking piece of tech on the market.That is because it’s a display, and a smartwatch is a display.The fact that it’s wearable also means that Apple Watch owners can wear it around with a smart band.This is why it makes sense for the […]