The dark side of astronomy: The power of science

What we saw: Light travels at an astonishing speed through the universe, but it is also an invisible force.Now, a new study has found that light from the ultraviolet wavelength of light is able to bend light and move it around.The study, published in Nature Communications, looked at light from […]

How to Create a Better Ultraviolet Glasses

How to create better ultraviolet glasses for you and your friends.¬†The Ultraviolet Corps Ultraviolet Light Glue is a fun and creative way to use UV-blocking lenses in your everyday life.¬†Ultraviolet light is a wavelength of light that is invisible to the human eye.It is emitted by the sun when sunlight […]

How To Buy UVG-F12: What To Look For

UVG: UVG is a very strong ultraviolet light that has a wavelength between 280 and 400 nanometers.It is an extremely long-lasting, persistent light that can penetrate skin and other substances.It can also penetrate deep into the skin, penetrating through the layer of skin between the eyes and into the deeper […]