The Verge: The world’s first ultra-violet-resistant shoe can make your feet shine colorless in minutes

A pair of high-performance ultra-Violet-Resistant shoes from a pair of super-colorful ultra-lightened shoes from Owl City has won a prestigious Design Award at the prestigious Design Institute of Design in Los Angeles, California.The shoes are called the Ultraviolet Shine and are made with the super-ultraviolet-resistant UV-40.Owl City is a brand […]

Why are we so happy when it rains?

I’m getting a little antsy with the fact that we’re so much happier when the sun is out than when it’s in, according to a new survey.┬áThe poll of 1,000 people conducted by ABC News found that a whopping 88 percent of Americans say they are more happy when the […]

“Ultraviolet” water treatment for fish

A new system developed by a company that specializes in UV water treatment has been successfully tested in fish, and the technology could soon be on the market for humans.The new water treatment system, which uses ultraviolet light to kill algae, algae-killing microorganisms, and other microscopic life forms, uses a […]