‘Spectra’ film web is the answer to our outdoor lighting woes

The light source, which was created by U.S. company Spectra, will be deployed to the U.K. and the U-S.

by 2025, the company said Wednesday.

Spectra is a small start-up that was founded by a team of scientists from universities in San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as other scientists in the U of T. It said the device will have a spectral filter, which will block electromagnetic waves.

It will also be able to absorb ultraviolet light, a very harmful type of light.

The device will cost $15,000 and has a life of two years.

According to the company, the device can be used to protect objects from solar flares, and it can be attached to vehicles, homes and buildings, and even to electrical outlets.

The company’s CEO, Ravi Narayan, told the conference that the filmweb will also protect buildings from the sun, and that it could also help protect electronics, furniture and appliances from UV rays.

However, Narayan said he does not expect the film web to replace solar panels.

“I think this is a good opportunity for other industries to invest in this technology,” he said.

In the U., the company is currently working on developing its own version of the film, which could be deployed at homes and other buildings, he added.