Senate passes bill to fight wildfires

The Senate has passed legislation that would expand the federal definition of “unnatural” fires to include wildfires with a temperature of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The bill, introduced by Sen. Mark Warner Mark Robert WarnerThe Hill’s Morning Report — Kavanaugh confirmation faces fresh uncertainties GOP senator calls for Kavanaugh to be put on trial MORE (D-Va.) and Sen. Joe Manchin Joseph (Joe) ManchinSasse: Trump is trying to delegitimize the Senate Democratic senators’ work on Kavanaugh Senate panel schedules Friday vote on Kavanaugh MORE (I-W.

Va.), is one of several bills to help the U.S. fight wildfires, including a bill sponsored by Sens.

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The proposed bill, which is not scheduled for a vote until January 4, would expand a section of the federal government known as the National Natural Gas Conservation and Recovery Act, which gives the government the authority to regulate natural gas production.

Under the bill, the U.

“Natural Gas Conservation Act” would be extended to include natural gas storage facilities and natural gas pipelines.

The measure would also extend the authority of the Bureau of Land Management to issue permits to build and operate natural gas facilities.

In addition, the bill would also create a National Natural Fire Incident Response Team, tasked with coordinating federal, state, and local efforts to respond to natural fire incidents.

It would also establish a national natural gas emergency response fund, which would be used to purchase emergency gas and restore power.

The legislation would allow the federal Bureau of Reclamation to purchase and sell emergency gas, and it would require the government to purchase natural gas at below market prices.

Under existing federal law, the National Emergency Response Fund, which was created to assist states and localities in the event of an extreme natural gas shortage, has been used to provide up to $15 million to assist with wildfire prevention and response.

The House passed a bill that would extend emergency disaster assistance to communities impacted by natural disasters, including providing $1 billion in disaster aid to states and cities that are facing a wildfire emergency.

The Senate is set to take up the bill on Friday.