How does a UV-Visible Laser Camera work?

This post was authored by Adam Shukla and was originally published on Crypto Coins.Crypto Coins is an innovative and secure digital currency that empowers users to easily exchange value between digital assets and the blockchain.The platform was recently named as the top cryptocurrency by CoinDesk.In this post, we’ll take a […]

How to Make an Ultraviolet Jar

The Ultraviolet Jars article The following article originally appeared on the Lad Bible website and is reprinted here with permission.Ultraviolet Jabs are a simple and inexpensive way to produce a variety of different colored and bright colored UV filters, as well as a variety to make them more efficient and […]

Ultraviolet telescope to launch in 2018

Ultraviolet telescopes have long been a staple in the science and technology community, and now, a team of researchers has developed a new UV telescope that promises to make them even more useful. The new telescope, which is based on a prototype that was recently unveiled at the Optical Society’s annual […]