Karambit UltraViolet: The Best Movies to View Online

The Karambits are back, and they’ve got a new film to catch you eye.Karambum UltraVibes the newest entry in the Karambs UltraVibe series is out on Netflix today.Karambits UltraVibrations are a collection of films made with a special high-speed camera and LED flash that captures and preserves the unique images […]

How to Buy Ultraviolet Light For Your UV Camera

The Ultraviolet (UV) light that the sun emits has many unique properties that can enhance photosynthesis.The sun emits UV light that is invisible to the naked eye, but can also cause skin cancer and other diseases.Ultraviolet light is emitted when a piece of metal with a high UV content is […]

How to pronounce ultraviolet birds

The ultraviolet synonym is one of the most confusing things about the word ultraviolet.For some people, it means the sun, which is a cool, hot, yellow-orange light that’s basically the same thing.For others, it refers to a group of ultraviolet rays that are usually present in the atmosphere and that […]