How to choose the right color for your phone

The next time you look at your phone, think about the colors that you want it to show you.While some of those are a little more complex than others, there are certain colors that are essential to your look and can help you achieve the most beautiful design.Here are a […]

How to create a solar power system with a lightbulb

A new solar power source is being developed by a group of researchers who are using an ultraviolet light bulb to create solar power plants.The research team, led by Professor David Lohr, says the UV-based photovoltaic cells could be used to power solar photovolume collectors and solar thermal generators.The team […]

Which are the most popular UV light machines in the UK?

The UK’s biggest UV light manufacturers have been producing a lot of UV light since the 1980s.And we’re just getting started.The most popular machines are currently:Ultraviolet machines are a type of UV lamp that creates a UV light-emitting layer that reflects sunlight back into space.The machine has a wide range […]