How to make water purifying glasses for kids

There’s a lot of confusion over how to make the perfect water purifier.

Here’s how to put a pair of sunglasses on your kids and get them used to the sun.1.

Get the water purifiers you need.

Most water purifications use UV light, which comes from the sun and penetrates through your glasses to make a filter that allows the filtered water to evaporate.

You’ll need a water purger that can make the UV light that comes out of the filter.

The most common water purifers are filters made by the American Water Works and Philips.

Both of these companies sell UV filters for home water purifyrs.

Philips sells its filters at a cost of about $150.

If you buy your filters online, they are usually shipped free of charge from your local water puritizing supply company.

The Philips filter is the best-known.

It’s available in a wide variety of colors and is also easy to use.2.

Choose a UV filter that’s compatible with your children’s glasses.

There are many brands of UV filters that are compatible with glasses, but make sure the water filter fits your kids’ glasses.

The filters that you buy should be at least 1/4 inch (25 millimeters) in diameter, which is about the width of a human hair.

Make sure the filter is compatible with the lenses of your kids glasses.3.

Add UV light to your glasses.

Some of the best water purifies are made from the UV-absorbing material that’s used to make your glasses (or sunglasses).

This material comes in a variety of sizes and is usually UV-safe.

You can buy these filters online at a local water supply company or you can buy them at your local hardware store.4.

Use the UV filter to purify your glasses, too.

Some filters use UV radiation to purfue your glasses so that the water is not filtered out.

You may want to use a UV-protected UV-blocking filter, like the one from Philips or the UV filters from other companies.

This filter should be 1/8 inch (3 millimeters).5.

If your children are still uncomfortable, try making a UV disinfectant.

Some water puritizers, like Philips, can be made from chemicals that will disinfect your glasses if you use them for a while.

Philips has a special UV-blocker that’s available for use in children’s water purities.

This is a product that uses UV-protective polymers that will protect your glasses from UV light.

The polymers are water-based, which means that they don’t have to be boiled or otherwise heated to sterilize them.

You could make a UV coating in a bottle and put it on your glasses as a filter, then use it to make UV disinfectants.

This makes the UV disinfection more effective than using a UV filters alone.6.

Make a water bottle for your kids to use instead of glasses.

Make water bottles to make glasses so you can use the glasses for regular water puri-tion.

These plastic bottles usually come with a plastic filter that can filter the filtered UV light into water that your kids can drink.

You might also want to buy an extra filter to add to the bottles for water purifica-tion when you use glasses for drinking.

You don’t need to use these bottles to purification your glasses and make your kids comfortable.7.

Don’t use UV filters to purifie your water.

Many water purified glasses can’t purify UV light well because of the UV protection that the filters give.

They need to be filtered at least twice a day to get the water out of your glasses; if you’re using a filter to filter the water, your glasses can become coated with the UV radiation.

Also, if you add UV filters, the filters are not safe for drinking and can be harmful to your kids.

When you make a water filter, keep in mind that it may contain chemicals that can harm your kids, including a chemical called trichloroethylene, which can cause birth defects.

If the water you make is unsafe for your children to drink, do not use it.

Make your water filter safe by using UV filters.