How to fix the  UV filter in your new  Ultraviolet TV set

Wired – September 20, 2019The  ultraviolet filter on your  new  Ultra-Violet TV set is probably the most annoying thing about owning one.

The filter is designed to block out the most harmful wavelengths of the UV spectrum, but the filters can only be switched on and off by pressing a switch in the box. 

A new UV filter, which is designed not to block UV rays, has been invented by researchers at the University of Bristol.

The new filter has two different types of electrodes, each with a different UV intensity and wavelength.

This allows the filter to be switched off and on by pushing a button.

“Our research aims to develop a more compact and simpler version of the Ultra-violet filter, making it easier to install, and to improve the safety of the device,” said Dr Jens Hulme, lead author on the paper.

“The new filter is less bulky, less complicated, and therefore easier to use, compared to other UV filters.”

Dr Hulmes team has developed the filter in collaboration with researchers at Bristol University.

The UV filter is made from a flexible polymer and can be removed by pulling off the polymer electrode, or by using a magnetic switch to switch it on and on.

The team said it was a promising first step towards a compact, easy-to-use UV filter.

“We are now working on designing a larger and more complex version of this filter,” said Prof Colin Hulmans, a member of the team.

“It could also be integrated into existing TVs to replace the older filter, and potentially extend the life of these products.”

The researchers said the new UV filters could be installed on existing TVs by attaching a plastic film to the screen or the front panel of the TV.

They also said they hoped the new filter could be used to remove UV rays from existing screens or to make the filters more portable.

“This would give users of Ultra Violet TVs a more versatile and affordable UV filter,” Prof Hulmas said.

“It could be added to existing TVs for example, or could be attached to new TV sets for new users who are uncomfortable with the bulky UV filter.”

The team is now looking at ways to develop and market their filter, including a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to manufacture the new version of their filter.