How to design a new ultra-violet keycap for Windows 8

Microsoft’s next major update to Windows 8 will include the ability to set your computer to glow in the dark.

The company has already begun working on the first-ever light-up keyboard, which it hopes to launch sometime this year.

The idea for the new keyboard came to Microsoft’s design chief, John D’Ambrosio, who is working on a new set of keys for Windows.

 “What we’re really trying to do is bring together the best features of Microsoft’s Surface keyboard and the most modern Microsoft features and functionality,” he told a Microsoft event in February.

“We’re really interested in how to combine these and give our users a better experience.”

D’Ambroysi said he wanted the new keys to look “just like Microsoft’s other products”, but added: “You can’t just change the way the keyboard is designed.”

He said he also wanted the keys to be more ergonomic, making them easier to reach.

But the new keycaps will not include any hardware switches, making it hard to set up custom layouts or customised keyboard layouts.

Microsoft’s current keyboard, the Surface Pro 3, is made from aluminum, and the company is keen to make it lighter, which is why it plans to produce a new model of keyboard with no switch switches at all.

Microsoft has already announced that it is planning to make a new version of the keyboard for Windows RT, the successor to Windows RT. 

Microsoft plans to make the new design public later this month, and it plans on releasing a preview of the new version later this year, D’Ammosio said.