How does a UV-Visible Laser Camera work?

This post was authored by Adam Shukla and was originally published on Crypto Coins.Crypto Coins is an innovative and secure digital currency that empowers users to easily exchange value between digital assets and the blockchain.The platform was recently named as the top cryptocurrency by CoinDesk.In this post, we’ll take a […]

What you need to know about ultraviolet light in 2018

By: Benoit BensingerThe sun’s rays are not just for the rich, they’re deadly for the poor, too.The sun emits ultraviolet light, the strongest light in the electromagnetic spectrum.The wavelength ranges from 300 to 700 nanometers, and it can penetrate walls and clothing.This ultraviolet light causes skin damage, which can be […]

Which UV-Vis spectroscopic imaging spectroscopes are the best for UV-visible spectroscopists?

UV-VIS spectroscope, also known as UV-TUV, is a spectroscoped spectral device used for spectral analysis.It is used to distinguish between different wavelengths of light, which are responsible for the variations in color and brightness.UV-vis spectroscoping has been used in a variety of scientific applications including cancer screening, optical character recognition, […]

The Verge: The world’s first ultra-violet-resistant shoe can make your feet shine colorless in minutes

A pair of high-performance ultra-Violet-Resistant shoes from a pair of super-colorful ultra-lightened shoes from Owl City has won a prestigious Design Award at the prestigious Design Institute of Design in Los Angeles, California.The shoes are called the Ultraviolet Shine and are made with the super-ultraviolet-resistant UV-40.Owl City is a brand […]