What is the UV light that can kill you?

FLIP KNIFE UV FLASH LIGHT WHAT IS THE UV FLATIE KNIFE?The Flippy Knife is a simple yet extremely effective ultraviolet light source.Its unique design is made to use UV light to make contact with your skin.You will feel a slight burn as your skin is exposed to the light, but […]

‘Ultraviolet’ magazine: The best things in life

The Best Things in Life: Ultraviolet Magazine is back, with a new collection of UV-related articles and videos.The series, launched in July, is the culmination of years of research and development.In this edition, I spoke to Ultraviolet’s founder and publisher, Brian Wootton.Wootton, who grew up in the Midwest, spent much […]

How to Prevent UVB Radiation from UVB Photon Exposure

The ultraviolet light spectrum (UV) is a range of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun.The wavelength of the spectrum varies from 0.7 micrometers (billionths of a meter) to 10,000,000 times the wavelength of light emitted by a human eye.UV light can cause skin cancer, skin disorders, and skin cancers caused […]

Are you on the way out of the sun?

We are living in the last decades of the Earth’s life, according to a new study.It’s not just that we’re nearing the end of a period of maximum solar activity – it’s that our atmosphere is rapidly changing, too.The atmosphere is warming, and some of the changes are caused by […]