Which colors are best to wear to watch the sun?

UV light is a beam of electromagnetic radiation emitted from the sun that has been used to study the sun’s properties for more than a century.Scientists have been trying to figure out how much energy the sun releases to its surface.Researchers are interested in the amount of energy the solar […]

A ‘digital’ picture of the sun in the night sky

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a stunning digital photo of the night skies on Wednesday, showing what’s happening in the skies over our planet during the next several weeks.The image, titled “The Sun in the Sky,” shows the stars, planets and galaxies of our galaxy, and is […]

How to design a new ultra-violet keycap for Windows 8

Microsoft’s next major update to Windows 8 will include the ability to set your computer to glow in the dark.The company has already begun working on the first-ever light-up keyboard, which it hopes to launch sometime this year.The idea for the new keyboard came to Microsoft’s design chief, John D’Ambrosio, […]

Dylans UV-V2 and Ultraviolet darling HDR photos

Dylens UV-2 and UV-UV (UV-V) light are not very common in our everyday life.However, they are becoming more common and common. This is because, in the late 2000s, researchers in Japan started to study the effect of light on human cells and tissues. In this case, researchers wanted to learn about how […]