‘Viral’ lenses help save millions of lives

A few weeks ago, the United States lost a major battle against the spread of the coronavirus.That battle was won in the face of a global pandemic, but there’s a new battle looming, one that could ultimately end up costing millions of people their lives.In the first few days after […]

When does UV radiation become dangerous?

It is not clear when the risk of UV exposure becomes significant enough to warrant the need for an extended exposure to the sun, but the research shows that even the briefest exposure of an hour or so can pose an increased risk.Researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) […]

How to fix your computer screen in a hurry

article If you’ve ever been in an airport and seen a woman in a bikini with a red bandanna over her forehead, you’ll know what we mean.And if you’re like us, you’ve probably been a bit nervous about checking your laptop computer in case you get locked out.Thankfully, a new […]

Which UV light apps are worth your money?

What you need to know about the newest app from Google.What you need in 2018:How much money will I need to buy an app?What’s the most important thing to me?What should I buy?What do I need in my smartphone?The first few weeks of 2018 are when it’s going to be […]